Lesson 6- Shift Keys Practice

(Professional Version)


Typing Tutor Lesson 6, Shift Keys

In this lesson you will learn to use the SHIFT keys. This lesson is relatively harder than the previous ones. It might take more effort and time to finish the exercise under 60 seconds with no mistakes.

  • Your pinky fingers are responsible for pressing the SHIFT keys.
  • You will press the SHIFT key with the pinky finger that is opposite to the one pressing the other key.
  • For example, if your left index finger is going to press the F key for the uppercase version then your right pinky will press the SHIFT key.
  • Likewise, if your right ring finger will press the L key then your left pinky should press the SHIFT key.
  • Your right hand's pinky finger will also press the colon (:) and quotation mark(") keys.
  • After typing each character return your fingers to the basic position.